Out of Africa

Collection 2

Based on the movie Out of Africa and the exoticism of the 1930’s when people started to explore the new frontiers of the European empires in Africa and bringing back wooden masks to decorate their walls and lion skins to ornament their floors, this collection mixes drapes inspired by the costume of the Sydney Pollack’s movie and handmade textiles made out of natural materials in their natural colours, raffia, linen and wool.


Jodhpur trousers, leather belts inspired by the handles of the first Louis Vuitton trunks, knitting stitches emulating basket weaving techniques and natural shades of beige are components of this collection, blending nature and culture, comfort and stiffness. 


Photography. Benoit Auguste

Hair & Makeup. Tomomi Tokuda

Illustrations. Valentin Devriese

© 2019 by Valentin Devriese